Are you a junior golfer with dreams of playing in college? Are you curious as to how to take the next step? On top of that, are you worried about what the college golf lifestyle is like? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are in the right place! Welcome to The College Golf Experience, a blog dedicated to offering insight on the college golf process through the eyes of a current NCAA Division II Men’s golfer. My experiences with the recruiting process and the college golf lifestyle will offer a first-hand perspective to junior golfers and their parents as they try to navigate through this exciting yet difficult time in their lives.

My goal is that any junior golfer who dreams of playing in college will be able to learn from my experiences and utilize this blog as an asset. College golf is unlike any other sport when it comes to recruiting. It is difficult to make yourself standout in a sport that is as diluted as golf. Most juniors do not start the recruiting process until too late, resulting in possible missed opportunities. It is disappointing to see great golfers miss out on living a dream just because they did not know what they were supposed to do. Unfortunately, there is no handbook on how to handle the college golf recruiting process, but I am here to offer the closest thing to it!