Turn College Golf Dreams into Reality!

Hello and welcome to the College Golf Experience! I am a college golfer; currently a senior student-athlete for a NCAA Division II school in Ohio. I have played golf for nearly ten years now and have had plenty of high school, junior, and college golf experience. I have been lucky enough to play golf tournaments across the country with many different players who come from different walks of life. The junior and college golf experience is something that I would not trade for the world. I have learned a multitude of lessons and have made lasting friendships through competitive golf.

However, reaching my dream of playing collegiate golf was not an easy road. I was never a superstar junior player that could play for the Top 25 Division I schools I dreamed of. Early on, I didn’t have a good understanding on the recruiting process. I often found myself wondering why I hadn’t been offered a scholarship and spent a lot of time waiting for the perfect school to fall in my lap. Eventually I realized that’s not how it works, and fortunately I landed at a fantastic, viciously competitive Division II program in Ohio that has offered me the best experience of my life. I love my team, my school, and most of all college golf.

My mission is to use my past experiences, mistakes, successes, and understanding of college golf to offer a fresh, first-hand perspective on the process. My hope is that junior golfers can utilize this information to their advantage, and realize their dream of playing collegiate golf. There were over 1,300 colleges that offered a golf program in 2015*. If you’re serious about playing college golf, you can do it. You just have to know where (and how!) to look.

*According to scholarshipstats.com



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